Air Force 1 Shadow: Light pastels and oversized branding

Nike’s latest take on sneakers for women is the chunky Air Force 1 Shadow, which reinterprets the familiar Air Force 1 with feminine pastel colors, but with respect for the classic design.
Nike has never been afraid to reinterpret their otherwise classic designs. Neither do they this time, having thrown themselves over their familiar and beloved Air Force 1 and given the iconic sneaker a feminine and modern overhaul. It has resulted in the chunky Air Force 1 Shadow: their latest shot at the tribe in women sneakers.

Respect for the roots

Unlike the classic Air Force 1, the Air Force 1 Shadow comes with a chunky midsole, dual laces and oversized branding. Details that add a playful, layered look to the shoe, but without compromising the familiarity of the classic design. Nike has respect for their roots.

Light pastels

Air Force 1 Shadow comes in six different colorways: Mystic Navy / White, Pale Ivory / Celestial Gold, Phantom / Echo Pink, Wolf Gray / Lavender Mist, White and Black, the latter three being classic and subdued while the first – in bright, contrasting pastels – are startling and daring.
Of the three pastel versions, Mystic Navy / White and Pale Ivory / Celestial Gold are definitely the most eye-catching if you ask us. Mystic Navy / White is housed in a delicate, pink pastel that is in itself retro. But because it is paired with matte blue and green colors, the shoe suddenly gets a more modern look. Little else is the case with Pale Ivory / Celestial. Here they have seriously cultivated the bright pastels that inevitably lead the mind to fun fairy and candyfloss. Add a few colorful socks and an ankle chain, and you’re good to go.
If you are not into colorful pastels, you can also go with one of the more classic choices. Wolf Gray / Lavender Mist, White and Black are all three great offers on sneakers that you will surely enjoy for many years to come.

Just released
Air Force 1 Shadow has just been released and can be purchased from . But hurry! The pastel-colored sneakers already seem to have won many female hearts.

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